Everfocus “IP Sidekick“ to Simplify Viewing Angle Adjustments

Date : 2014-07-16

June 9, 2014 – EverFocus Electronics Corp. introduces its new ESK1000 “IP Sidekick”, a multi-functional IP utility tool designed to simplify your IP camera’s viewing angle and focus on installation site.

When used in conjunction with the EF Sidekick app (for iOS and Android), users can connect their IP camera directly to the ESK1000 and receive live video display on the spot with their tablet or smart phone device. This makes setting the camera’s viewing angle and focus easier than with the use of a remote computer or laptop.

EverFocus ESK1000 IP sidekick is a compact, battery-powered handheld device which provides power for EverFocus PoE IP camera (PTZ camera included). Equipped with a USB output, it can also be used as a tablet or smart phone charger.  In addition, the ESK1000 IP sidekick provides a single wired connection port, with a built-in WIFI and router capability.

Connect your PoE camera to the ESK1000, and while using the EF Sidekick app on your iOS or Android handheld device, you will see that your PoE camera has been detected and that an IP address has been automatically assigned to the connected camera. Your iOS or Android device will perform as a monitoring tool for you to view live video so you can easily adjust the focus and zoom of the camera until you reached the desired viewing angle. With the EF Sidekick app, you can change the username and password, and also modify the settings of the camera that is connected to the ESK1000.

Given the ability to fine-tune your network camera’s viewing angle, change camera settings, and provide battery life to a USB tablet/smart phone device, it is without a doubt that the EverFocus ESK1000 and EF Sidekick app is the ultimate companion duo for any IP camera field installers.

For more information on the ESK1000, visit EverFocus at http://everfocus.com/HQ/Products/Product.aspx?productModelNo=2319

The EverFocus EF Sidekick app can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

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